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Welcome to LaLa Land.

Formerly "Rogue's Entries".

22 December 1987
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I love animals,music,video games and well obviously anime ^_^.
Oh and giant monster trucks...^_^. I want to build my own truck one day. I also enjoy writing fanfiction as well as reading it.

04/10/2007, 03:19am.
Came to update somthings.

I love reading and writing fanfiction.

My favorite anime is Saiyuki (Any.).
Favorite character from there is Son Goku(any form).

Sitcom wise at the moment Scrubs is around the top of my list.
My fav is J.D.

Some of favorite comedians and or actors are: Zach Braff, Neil Flynn, David Spade, Conan 'o' Brien, Dane Cook, Lewis Black, George Eads, Eric Szmada, David Caruso, Jonathon Togo.
(I know CoB is Late night but I put him anyway.):;)

Fanfic wise I'm listed at (Aside the communities I'm signing up for almost everyday).
MediaMiner.Org The first site I posted fanfiction.:).

Fanfiction.net Another very good fanfiction site.

FictionPress . com Mostly songs and pretty much what you can find from me at MediaMiner that's not a fanfic.

I'll add on more later.
Later people!:D.

Please support Net Neutrality. For more information visit:
www . savetheinternet . com

04/10/2007, 03:31am.

I have come to love CSI. In this order.
1.CSI: Miami.
2.CSI: Vegas.
3.CSI: NY.

My favorites from Miami. Ryan Wolfe, Horatio Caine.
From Vegas. Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, Gil Grissom.
New York. Mac and Flack.

Here is a list of some of my favorite parings. Both het and slash.

KyuzoxKatsushiro--Samurai 7.
DuoxHeero--(Yes, Duo as seme.) GundamWing.
AmonxSakaki--Witch Hunter Robin.
KibaxHige--Wolfs Rain.
HigexBlue--Wolfs Rain.
Cher and her husband, well, ex husband. His name isn't coming to me at the moment.--Wolfs Rain.
HoratioxMarisol--CSI: Miami.
EricxRyan, I kinda like this pairing.--CSI:Miami.
GilxNick, Same as Eric/Ryan.--CSI:Vegas.
TurkxJ.D.--Something about those two.--Scrubs.
Gonou(Hakkai)xKanan--Not a bad pairing.--Saiyuki.
GojyoxHouran--She's from the movie Saiyuki:Requiem for the one not chosen.
RikuxSora--Kingdom Hearts.
RikuxSoraxKairi--Kingdom Hearts.
KaedexShinobu--Ninja Nonsense: The legend of Shinobu!
KatsushiroxKirara--Samurai 7.
JanitorxElliot--Scrubs.(Added this to the list. 11/16/2007, 02:40am.)
Cross-over pairings.

Katsushiro OkamotoxYuffie Kitsarugi.
Samurai 7 and Final Fantasy 7. Fanfic in progress actually.

Genjo Sanzo and Kikyo.
Saiyuki and Inuyasha. Again fic in-progress.

I think that's enough for now. I am going to write stuff.;p.
And once more: None of my Saiyuki fanfics contain shounen-ai.
I just don't see them that way.

Most of the times you don't think before acting, but you can fight for what you believe in.

You're a lot sensible and you could be moody, for everything you do.

You're surrounded by something "magic", a big karma,
even if you don't notice it.

The others often are being positively shocked by you.

Shuichi is my favorite Gravitation character.<3.==^-^==.

But I was three points closer to Ryuichi.

You own an exciting and passion also with your determination.

Sometimes you have the happiness and the unconsciousness of a baby, without a particolar reason... But it's funny, isn't it?

You can also show you as mature and serious, but only when you thing that it needs.

You are a social guy, expansive, you know your talent and you like spread happiness to everyone is next to you.

He's awesome as well.:p.